Some information about the Images Library:


MICROSCOPE MAGNIFICATION is typically 100x (unless otherwise noted within a particular album).

CAMERA ZOOM varies to a maximum of 4x.

ORIGINAL PICTURE RESOLUTION was 2048 x 1536 pixels (reduced to 666 x 500 for web viewing).


Most of the images were not captured at the maximum CAMERA ZOOM  i.e. the camera zoom had to be backed off in order to capture the entire field of vision, and increased in order to capture a close up of a portion of the field of vision.  With a better microscope (and expertise), measurements of the original specimens could have been established.  Unfortunately I do not have that level of sophistication here.  I can only tell you that the specimens were too tiny to detect with a naked eye, and required the use of illumination, low level magnification and very fine needle point tweezers in order to place the specimens onto a microscope slide.


The Images Library, which you access by clicking on the link below, has been organized into separate Photo Albums, and each Photo Album has a brief description about where the images came from, etc..  When you click below to enter the Images Library it will open in a separate browser window, which you can then use to view and save pictures.  Once you've finished viewing an album, simply click the BACK button on your browser to return to the Image Library to view the other Photo Albums.


For fast viewing over the web network, the original resolution of these images (2048 x 1536) has been reduced to 666 x 500.  Quality is still quite good and you can save images from any photo album by right clicking anywhere on the featured photo (the large displayed photo, not the thumbs) and then selecting Save Picture As ... or Save Image As ...Once you've saved pictures to your computer you will be able to view them with any image viewer, and zoom in for greater detail.  If you would like to receive these images in the original high resolution, please contact me and I will provide you with quick and easy download instructions from the FTP directory.

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