Dear Visitor:


If you have been invited to visit PARAFIX.NET, thank you!  If you have arrived accidentally, you are welcome to visit any time.


PARAFIX.NET was created in 2009 by an individual in Canada (that is me) who is suffering with a chronic infection that has eluded diagnosis to date.  I am seeking guidance from anyone who may have expertise in unusual chronic infections, diagnostics and treatment.


For the past several years I have been seeking diagnosis in Canada.  My family doctor has been caring and cooperative, and has initiated several medical referrals.  Unfortunately these efforts have not been productive.


I believe there are people somewhere with the expertise to help me, but finding them is a challenge!  I'm hoping that the information compiled on this website may assist in that process.


I have begun this initiative with a collection of images of microscopic filamentous organisms that I have observed extensively through a variety of self examination techniques.  I believe this unusual organism is either responsible for, or is a major contributor to, my chronic illness.  My hope is that someone with the right expertise may recognize something familiar in these images and be able to assist me in in the right direction.  You may view these images from the IMAGES page (accessable from the Main Menu located at the top right).  You may also download these images for closer examination (instructions are provided on the IMAGES page).


I have not placed my name or personal contact information on this website in order to maintain a degree of personal privacy in this rather 'un-private initiative', however if you received communication from me prior to visiting PARAFIX.NET then you already have my contact information.  Otherwise please contact me by email through this link, or through the CONTACT ME link in the Main Menu.  I will be grateful to receive your communication, and will reply promptly.